Senhor Paulinho


for Armis Digital Sports

  • Branding


Armis Digital Sports is a company focused on the development of digital solutions specialized in the sports industry that came up with one challenge:

"To create a brand for a technological platform that brings together sports management into a single place."

Bringing technology to the field

Regarding the brand identity, technology was king. The brand should appear modern, digital, and have a sporty feel. Therefore, we’ve chosen bright and vibrant colors that immediately catch everyone’s eye. They evoke reliability and competence, and simultaneously connote excitement and bring attention to the innovative nature of Proscore®.

The patterns were deeply connected to the fascinating world of sports business since they were inspired by field lines, flags, players, and tactics.

At this stage of the game, Proscore® can be used by every organization, regardless of their size: first league or second league clubs, federations, etc.

It is a software that supports processes such as competitions, people management, facilities, events, gathering and dissemination of results, as well as information supporting all activity of sports organizations.